A life in the wilds

Yes! We, as a nation, were once great lovers of nature. We worshipped it. In many parts of the country people still do. But somewhere along the way, we lost in touch with the wilderness and thats not good. We need to fall back in love!!

I guess none of us need to be taught how to fall in love. It is an experiential thing. We fall in love on a daily basis, with clothes, gadgets, people; Anything that we can experience directly or through the media. Unfortunately, experiencing nature is becoming more and more difficult because of the restricted access we have to India's breathtaking wilderness. True that everyone can't get into a National Park and soak in the beauty, but that experience can be brought to people through a very effective medium :  FILMS

Thats exactly what I plan to do. Make films and hope that India falls back in love with its wilderness!