Filming leopards in moon light

To watch a leopard in complete darkness, as it walked to within 10 feet of me, without being aware of my presence was the rarest of thrills. I can never forget what happens that night.

Ever since I finished filming for the BBC film - Leopards - 21st century cat - my fascination for night life in the wild has sky rocketed. Only cutting edge technology can let you into that world where you can watch wild animals go about their night life without disturbing them. And for this film I got to use the best of the best equipment.

We used 3 different imaging systems Infrared , thermal and moonlight cameras. Each was a great little toy that gave me special powers to look into the dark What was amazing was only I could see what was happening, everyone around was totally blind in the pitch dark, even the leopards didn't seem to notice us.

Status update after a night of waiting for leopards

Filming at night was hard work. It was freezing cold, and after 4 am , it was really a matter of will power, trying to stay awake. But we were armed with some survival essentials, good maharashtrian food, a sleeping bag and a mosquito bat. The real challenge was to know when a leopard was on the move. It was impossible to predict even with all these gadgets. But in the end the perseverance paid off. We got some great footage.

Watch the behind the scenes film below. It is the story of how we filmed leopards in moonlight.

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