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wildlife filmaker : cameraman : photographer : presenter

The most exciting part of being a wildlfe cameraman and filmmaker is being witness to `once in a life time' events and to be able to capture it for the world to see. It is about the stories that unfold in front of your eyes, the anticipation of things that might happen and the delicate field craft of being in the right place at the right time, without making your presence felt.


making india fall in love with it's wilderness


Yes! We, as a nation, were once great lovers of nature. We worshipped it. In many parts of the country people still do. But somewhere along the way, we lost in touch with the wilderness and thats not good. We need to fall back in love!!

I guess none of us need to be taught how to fall in love. It is an experiential thing. We fall in love on a daily basis, with clothes, gadgets, people; Anything that we can experience directly or through the media. Unfortunately, experiencing nature is becoming more and more difficult because of the restricted access we have to India's breathtaking wilderness. True that everyone can't get into a National Park and soak in the beauty, but that experience can be brought to people through a very effective medium ; FILMS

Thats exactly what I plan to do. Make great films and hope that India falls back in love with its wilderness! 


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Every year 50,000 men women and children die from snakebite in rural India. Most of these deaths can be prevented! 
Follow these simple guidelines to avoid snakebite. This film is the start of a public awareness campaign to teach people how to avoid snakes.


BBC - Leopards 21st Century Cats - Behind the scenes:


Leopards in India are facing their toughest challenge. In spite of being the most secretive of India's big cats they often get into trouble because of their ability to live in close proximity with humans. This behind the Scenes is a story of how cutting-edge technology was used to film leopards and more importantly show their true nature. This film was commissioned by the BBC for their Natural Worlds program. 

The film was produced by Icon Films, who i cannot thank enough for giving me those great hi-tech toys to play with. This behind the scenes is centered around my experience in shooting this film. The full length film follows the story of Rom Whitaker as he travels across the country in search of answers to India’s Leopard problems.

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photo - Sripad Sridhar

photo - Sripad Sridhar


I  arguably have one of the best jobs in the world!!

I freelance as a wildlife and documentary cameraman, shooting documentaries for channels like National Geographic and the BBC.  As a part of the jobs, one gets to travel to exotic locations, see the best of nature and in the end get paid for it. How much better can a job get!!

My interest in filmmaking has gone through various phases and now it has come to rest with shooting and making my own films. To me, this is the point where creativity and vision converge. I hope to make films that pass on my passion for wildlife to those who watch it. Thats the ultimate prize





BBC Natural World - Leopards -21st Century Cat - Principal Cameraman - Shot Natural History using Starlight cameras and the Ammonite thermal Camera


Secrets of Wild India (2011) - Episode 2 - Tiger Jungles - For National Geographic. For a 3 part serieson Indian Wildlife.


Secrets of Wild India (2011) - Episode 3- Desert Lions - For National Geographic. For a 3 part series on Indian Wildlife.


Malkha - The Freedom Fabric (2010) - Promotional lm shot on 5D-M2


Crocodile Blues (2008) – For BBC, Animal Planet and ITV Global Entertainment – Produced by Icon Films – Cameraman


Rat Attack (2009) – For National Geographic and Nova – Cameraman


A million snake Bites (2009) – BBC Natural World . Produced by Icon Films. Additional camera


Dangerous towns (2009) – for Animal Planet. Produced by Icon Films. Additional camera